Driving cut-through with shoppers in an increasingly complex and omnichannel environment is challenging. Identifying key shopper insights and touchpoints is crucial to ensure you are optimising your shopper engagement and getting the best return on your investment.

Our shopper research toolkit, which is grounded in behavioural science, ensures we are able to support you with uncovering subconscious decision-making to focus on driving a positive change in shopper behaviour. This includes bringing in new shoppers into your category or channels, getting shoppers to shop your brand repertoire more frequently, driving trade-up or getting shoppers to add more items to their basket.

Convenience store


Getting closer to the moments that matter within our shopper suite of approaches:

Beyond sofas, into beds: applying behavioural science to optimise the shopper experience in dfs stores

How we used eye-tracking, in-store observation and interviews to leverage a behavioural science centered strategy for shaping the instore experience for bedding.

The insights supported not only the property store refit programme but also our Retail colleagues in store – putting examples of Behavioural science in the Visual Merchandising guide for store colleagues as well as feeding into the Walk The Store checklist for Regional Managers.

Caroline Herring, Senior Insights Manager


Our research and analytics toolkits combine the latest approaches to capture what humans can not easily articulate.


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