B2B the Walnut way

B2B research is harder to do than consumer, because decision-makers are tougher to reach. Once you get to the key people the challenge is effective engagement. Then we must also consider the dynamics of C-suite vs. influencers to define who and what really drives decisions.

So how do we deal with all of this? Because business decision-makers are human beings and can be as irrational, emotional and biased in their work decisions as in their private lives, we use the same tools that we use in consumer research to cut through what is said and get to the heart of the matter.

B2B research at Walnut Unlimited

A fresh approach each time, grounded in our vast experience.

Understanding the B2B telco customer experience in less researched markets.

Our neuroscience infused B2B CX tacker for Orange has become central to business planning and is used extensively within countries and at head office.

We have been working with Walnut for several years. They helped us at Orange Business to define and implement a Customer satisfaction observatory for Business customers in 7 European countries. Thanks to Walnut, we benefit from a large set of Customer satisfaction indicators (incl. NPS) twice a year. The results are essential to define action plans in the respective countries to improve our operational efficiency. Walnut have demonstrated robust B2B expertise which is instrumental to develop this project year after year. Finally, it has always been a pleasure to collaborate with a team of highly skilled and flexible consultants.

Patrick Luciano, Strategy & Market Intelligence Director, Orange Business


Our research and analytics toolkits combine the latest approaches to capture what humans can not easily articulate.


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