Behavioural Science

As humans we are unpredictable and irrational. This means that when making decisions your customers or employees may not be thinking as you would expect. At Walnut our research is evolving to reflect this. Is yours?

Our behavioural science consultancy gives in-depth understanding behind why consumers behave the way they do, say what they say and feel the way they do. Which in turn also allows us to provide you with actionable recommendations on how to optimise your strategies in order to nudge desired behaviours and create the most impact amongst your target audiences.

How we can help you leverage the power of behavioural science?

Our extensive suite of tools and solutions is tailored to address any type of internal or external challenges, helping our clients gain real commercial advantage. Operating across diverse sectors, we offer flexible options, from light-touch daily consultancy rates to comprehensive support (and everything in between!).

Optimising Global Travel Retail with applied Behavioural Science.
Working closely with Pernod Ricard to embed the application of behavioural science principles across the Global Travel Retail strategy.

Walnut’s approach, particularly in applying genuinely usable behavioural science techniques, has unearthed a whole new way to reposition our business to customers. Our customers are engaging much more as a result and our colleagues are even more proud of the brand they work for. A fantastic partner!

Neil Costello, UK Marketing Director, Lowell Financial Limited


Our research and analytics toolkits combine the latest approaches to capture what humans cannot easily articulate.


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