Agile Solutions

Our range of agile tools are designed to provide quick and timely access when answers are needed. These draw on our specialist expertise in each area and utilise the power of the sciences to get answers.

Our agile tools are drawn from our wider approaches and experience in that area, ensuring our expert thinking is baked in – ensuring we still go beyond what people claim they will do, and always interpreted by an expert from Walnut.



Using AGILE PACK to help relaunch liquid electricals air fresheners in the EU

Using our Agile PACKMASTER tool, in one week our expertise guided a new Air Wick pack design. to cue a more authentic fragrance experience, new graphics were developed to incorporate bold imagery in a more natural setting.

Our cooperation with Walnut always brings actionable consumer insight into Air Wick pack design strategy. We put key innovation into hands of trusted experts, that I have confidence in the quality of recommendations and solid data output.

Anna Kepka Oliveira, Global I&A Director, Air Wick


Our research and analytics toolkits combine the latest approaches to capture what humans can not easily articulate.


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