Hidden under the surface of your data is a wealth of insight into human behaviour that Walnut can help you unlock and turn into business success.

As humans, we are not very good articulating why we behave the way we do. We tend to post-rationalise decisions that are often taken subconsciously, meaning it is difficult to truly understand what drives us.

But hidden within the data we generate lies our truth. Our data is everywhere: bespoke surveys, customer databases, social media and more – all showing what really matters to us and revealing our true motivations. And understanding this, is the key to predicting what we might do in the future.

That’s where the Walnut & Realise data science and analytics team comes in. We are a team of analysis experts, with years of experience of working with companies to get the most from their data, however it is generated. We understand people, we understand business and we understand data. The outcome? Simple, actionable stories to bring human understanding to your business and drive success.

We are experts at turning data into insight, whatever your business challenge

We use a wide range of statistical, data science and analytics techniques, including machine learning and AI, to help understand and solve business challenges and deliver business opportunities.

Building a lasting base of information to optimise a beverage portfolio and drive growth.

Blending advanced analytics with qualitative research, we were able to fully understand the motivations and barriers to choices made within the beverages category and identify the territories which would best drive forwards commercial growth for the brand through the greatest reach.

I’ve recently worked with the team at Walnut Unlimited on a Conjoint analysis. It’s been a fantastic experience from start to finish – great discussions through the set up phase (especially when I was being my typical unreasonable & demanding client self), speedy turnaround and a really strong debrief today. The simulator tool looks really clear and simple to use, too. We’re going to get so much use out of this project, I can’t wait!

Conjoints can be amazing or utter garbage, so I’m feeling fortunate to have found someone to partner with on the former! Get in touch with them if this is on your radar.



Our research and analytics toolkits combine the latest approaches to capture what humans cannot easily articulate.


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