The brand in the brain is complex, while we may think our brand has a distinct image in the brain – this is not the case!

In the brain, your brand triggers a complex network of associations and memories coupled with emotional processes that we are not consciously aware of. Some associations are weak, some are strong. Our problem, as marketeers, is how do we know which are important?

However, while the problem is complex, our experience has taught us the solution (thankfully) is not…¬†


Our range of approaches leverages our depth of neuroscience and data science expertise to unlock what brands mean, and how key perceptions link to wider customer behaviours.

Understanding the intangible: identifying brand assets

Our client knew that to unlock distinctness in their category a new approach was needed. Using a combination of semiotics and implicit reaction time testing we were able to identify powerful assets to use for future brand communications that only implicit testing could uncover.

We found working with Walnut very engaging. From the start they were closely involved in understanding our needs and optimising their approach. The outputs form the research were easy to understand and the depth of analysis was impressive.

Head of Customer Insight


Our research and analytics toolkits combine the latest approaches to capture what humans can not easily articulate.


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