Cracking winning claims

There are lots of ways to articulate the same message or make a “claim”, tiny changes can as easily make a claim as break it. The fact is, our brain cannot rationally weigh up the pros and cons of every claim we see. Motivation, believability, relevance and trust that the brand can deliver are all key but mostly processed on an unconscious, emotional level

Our claims testing approaches have blended the best of neuro and behavioural science to account for this.  Ensuring that claims are optimised and truly meaningful to your customers, all in order to create a deeper emotional bond.

Through years of claims testing we have identified key claims insights for some of the biggest brands in the world – helping identify the golden rules of claims that will grab attention, engage audiences and be relevant.


We have a range of tools for claims testing: from claim generation, to optimising and substantiating claims. Each tool is uniquely designed by our in-house claims experts to get to the bottom of which claim is a winner.

What makes a winning claim for Twinings Green Tea?

Using our ClaimOPTIMISER approach we blended our reaction time testing with explicit questioning to understand which claims were truly resonating with consumers – both motivating and believable at a sub-conscious level for the brand.

The research was brought up whilst we were away at our marketing festival this week and these follow ups were really helpful to guide the conversation and make a strong recommendation for the claim to take forward. Another brilliant piece of claims work, very clear.

Josie Moxham, Insight Manager, Twinings


Our research and analytics toolkits combine the latest approaches to capture what humans can not easily articulate.


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