Optimising Global Travel Retail with applied Behavioural Science

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15th November 2023

Walnut Unlimited

Optimising Global Travel Retail with applied Behavioural Science.

Walnut have worked closely with Pernod Ricard to embed the application of behavioural science principles across the Global Travel Retail strategy. Our consultancy covered four key pillars of the business, spanning key consumer touchpoints: Retail Design, E-commerce, Promotions and Brand Ambassador training.

Applying our Shortcuts framework to these critical business areas, we delivered key insight to optimise the current strategy and to enable stakeholders to apply Behavioural Science to future strategy.

A series of audits explored how current campaigns worked, to identify optimisation opportunities. The findings were translated into engaging and interactive workshop sessions which applied behavioural science to specific challenges whilst also upskilling the teams. Playbooks of best practice thinking were created to ensure the insight lived on beyond the workshops and was accessible to all.

To further validate the learning on promotional strategy, we ran a quantitative study to identify the uplift in explicit and implicit appeal of campaigns which had been optimised using behavioural science.

14% average uplift in likelihood to purchase for optimised promotional adverts.

Walnut’s approach and frameworks provided us with the reassurance to apply a Behavioural Science lens confidently and effectively.

Walnut were the perfect partners for this research and enabled by collaboration across the GTR business. The impact of the insight is already being seen across the business and applied to everything from brand ambassador training to promotion design for duty-free.

Tim Austen – GTR Insight & Intelligence Manager, Pernod Ricard

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