How Fashion Brands Turn Christmas Windows into Sensory Wonderlands


8th December 2023

Walnut Unlimited

How Fashion Brands Turn Christmas Windows into Sensory Wonderlands

What are the first things that you think of when we say ‘Christmas’ – sparkly lights? The smell of mulled wine? The crackling sound of wrapping paper? Christmas is a real sensory wonderland! And by the looks of some dazzling window displays we’ve seen as we embark on our Christmas shopping missions, fashion brands are tapping into this sensory world too!

From Harrods’ grandeur to Fenwick’s allure, these festive showcases leave a lasting impression. Surprisingly, high-street fashion retailers aren’t always known for extravagant displays, but the ‘prestige’ brands like Anthropologie and smaller independents like The Hambledon in Winchester take the crown for turning windows into sensory wonderlands!

At Walnut we use behavioural science to look at the emotions that drive this.’ From our expertise ‘The Cocktail Party Effect’ and ‘Emotional Contatigion’ explain how attention is drawn to immediately relevant information and encoded in more depth enabling customers to mimic the emotions of those around them. Festive decorations encourages a shared sense of holiday cheer.

Who knew window displays could be so strategic? The sensory experience aligns seamlessly with their online presence and product range, creating a shopping spectacle that’s not just a feast for the eyes but an immersive brand adventure.

We were expecting to see ‘Snapper – the perfect tree’ that was on John Lewis’s Christmas advert… but there’s always next year hey?!? What’s the best festive window display you’ve seen this year so far?


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