Walnut UNLIMITED’s Take on Women’s Equality Day 2022


26th August 2022

Walnut Unlimited

Women’s Equality Day is celebrated yearly on the 26th of August. Despite predominantly being a US event, we see no reason why it shouldn’t and can’t be a day we celebrate more publicly in the UK due to it being a day that strives for equality.

Gender inequality is an issue that women have struggled with, as far as history goes. The disparity between women and men in all facets of life remains with us today despite many advances. While significantly more girls than boys graduate from UK universities and the prospect of a female prime minister becomes a normality rather than a rarity, there are still few women in senior positions and the gender pay gap remains wide.

This year, Walnut decided to look at the event from the perspective of the world of sport. We have seen recent efforts from brands attempting to encourage women and girls to take up more sport to help break down the harmful stereotypes that continue to make women and girls less likely to participate in sport and physical activity.

There has also been an increase in the promotion of women’s advancement as professional athletes and leaders in the sport sector. For example, Strava created a ‘Strive for More’ campaign which promotes and supports equality in professional sports. Strava committed to contributing $1 million (£850million) to work with respected athletes, advocates and non-profit organisations to change the status quo for professional women athletes globally and across sport types. This is a testament to what companies can achieve but also highlights what is yet to be done.

These findings by Walnut Unlimited explores the landscape of gender equality in sport in the UK. Read our thought piece below or reach out to us on info@walnutunlimited.com to learn more.

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