Lidl & TBWA: optimising ads with emotional measurement.

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10th November 2023

Walnut Unlimited

Optimising TV ads with emotional measurement.

Working in strategic partnership with Lidl and TBWA we used neuroscience to optimise their advertising campaigns. Getting to the heart of the emotional reaction is key to successful advertising, by going beyond just what people say we used our neuroscience approach to test and optimise creative executions.

By combining EEG and GSR neuroscience techniques with qualitative research, this approach has allowed us to understand exactly how people react to the advertising at an unconscious level. Because emotion is key to our decision making, neuroscience allows a unique perspective on how advertising works. Our research has provided actionable insights and recommendations that have been taken onboard by the creative teams and implemented into their future advertising

Walnut made some recommendations for optimising an ad based on Neuroqual. We made the suggested changes. Subsequent ads, incorporating the suggested changes, performed better. That’s as perfect a result as can be hoped for. I’m converted


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