Supporting the development of a healthy kids cereal for Jordans.

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10th November 2023

Walnut Unlimited

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Product testing healthy cereal options.

With a childhood obesity epidemic, and the aim of providing a healthier start to kids’ days, Jordans wanted to develop a low sugar, healthy cereal that children will eat and parents are happy and confident to serve. We implemented product testing tools on a range of cereals with parents and kids in a natural and realistic environment to elicit true reactions to the products alongside the concept.

Our work identified which attributes are key to get right, and for each, the optimal level to develop a cereal that kids (and adults) love. As with lots of our work in this area we found that it is not just enough to taste good, the appearance, ease of eating, flavour range and pack type are all key to encourage consideration.

Our work helped to create a cereal that kids and parents love that has less than 4g sugar per serving, high fibre, real fruit pieces, nothing artificial and a source of vitamins and minerals.

After developing a concept for a lower sugar breakfast that kids and parents love, Walnut Unlimited provided us with simple, actionable recommendations that enabled us to optimise the product ahead of launch. They were a great partner for us on this project from recommending their solution through to delivery of the results in a simple and concise manner.


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