Is There a Creative Spark Missing from Your B2B Research?


22nd May 2024

Walnut Unlimited

Putting Human Understanding at the Heart of B2B Decision-Making

Many B2B businesses either neglect primary research or don’t do enough of it. There are persistent misconceptions that researching business decision-makers is difficult, prohibitively expensive, or reliant on unimaginative approaches. As a result, many businesses miss out on the opportunity to truly understand their markets and future customers. Worse, they make bad business decisions based on guesswork.

At Walnut Unlimited, we have the expertise to reach the decision-makers you want to engage with and unlock the human understanding needed to drive your business forward. Here’s more on what we do.

Blending B2B Expertise, Innovation, and Creative Approaches

Our team of B2B experts uses innovative methods and creative solutions to connect with business decision-makers, no matter how niche they are. We regularly conduct research among highly targeted audiences. We excel at creative problem-solving, transforming traditional B2B research into dynamic online approaches, and creating research programs where others say it couldn’t be done. Leveraging behavioural science allows us to create more engaging survey experiences and capture more accurate responses.

Tracking the Brand Metrics That Matter

We are experts in B2B brand tracking. We validate the market’s perception and knowledge of your brand, providing crucial metrics that evidence both your current position and future growth potential. We can work with traditional metrics or those devised by the Ehrenberg Bass Institute. By connecting these metrics to actual business behaviours, we can develop a more predictive understanding of your potential and provide actionable recommendations on how to achieve it.

Decoding Business Decision Making

Business decision-makers are human and are influenced by emotions, heuristics, and unconscious biases when making business decisions, just as they are when buying groceries. So we incorporate neuroscience tools to capture the true factors that influence decision-making. This enables us to identify people’s genuine perceptions of your brand and service offerings and understand how you can better engage, convert, and retain them.

Providing Strategic Guidance and Activation: The Debrief is Only the Beginning!

We never want to simply hand you a stack of data and say goodbye. We are committed to the long term. The Walnut Unlimited team provides guidance, interprets the findings, and assists you in making informed decisions. Additionally, our team of B2B marketing, PR, and creative experts within the wider Unlimited agency group can support you every step of the way, from insight and strategy to activation.

Want to get to grips with your marketplace and understand how your brand is performing? Schedule a call with one of our B2B experts today –

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