Walnut Unlimited Gender Pay Report April 2022

Difference in mean pay 31.0%  
Difference in median pay 33.8%  
Difference in mean bonus pay 71.5%  
Difference in median bonus pay 0%  
Percentage of employees who received bonus pay Men
Number of men / women in the quartile pay bands Men Women
  46 148

Walnut Unlimited has two main sets of staff: office-based employees and fortnightly paid field and call centre workers who work on a flexible basis to suit their personal circumstances and the requirements of assignments. The proportion of field and call centre workers by gender makes a large difference as in 2022, 89% of these workers were female.

The field and call centre workers have a pay structure in place which reflects enhancements depending on the day of week or time of day worked, complexity of the assignment and whether they provide supervision of colleagues. The pay structure is applied consistently for all genders.

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