Welcome to Walnut Unlimited’s Environmental Policy

UNLIMITED is an insight-based, tech-enabled, integrated agency group which is committed to Environmental Sustainability and this policy is embedded into all our culture . UNLIMITED strives to have a positve impact in environmental sustainability.

Therefore, UNLIMITED is committed to developing a culture of corporate environmental responsibility which involves the following:

  • embedding environmentally responsible practices into the way we work;
  • integrating sustainability considerations into all of our business decisions;
  • ensuring staff are fully aware of our Environmental policy and are committed to implementing and improving it;
  • complying with all the legislation, regulations and other compliance obligations that UNLIMITED’s policies dictate;
  • procuring goods and services which will reduce UNLIMITED’s environmental impact.

UNLIMITED actively seeks to minimise adverse environmental impacts and to promote good environmental practices wherever possible, notably with regards to:

  • Climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Recycling and Single Use Plastics

Awareness of the aspects of our own operations that can have an impact on the environment shall be maintained (e.g.; use of electricity, sustainable purchasing choices, waste production, etc). We shall also endeavour to influence others outside of our organisation, especially if there is opportunity within services provided for substitution to less environmentally damaging options.

Taking into account our significant environmental aspects and the principles laid out by this environmental policy statement, through our management processes we define and monitor environmental objectives and targets, and keep continually improving our Management System.

This policy statement is our commitment to environmental management at UNLIMITED and it shall be made available to the public, upon request, and subject to annual review to ensure its continued suitability.

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