Walnut Unlimited sign the MRS NetZero pledge.

Posted by The Green Team on the 16th July, 2021

Here are Walnut, we recognise that we all need to take responsibility for the growing climate emergency.

To this end, Walnut Unlimited have signed up to the MRS NetZero pledge. The MRS NetZero Pledge asks CEOs to make four commitments towards ensuring their organisations are sustainable by 2026. The pledge includes: to be NetZero, publishing carbon emissions, collaborating across the sector and encouraging call outs by employees and clients on environmental concerns.

Did you know that Walnut also have a dedicated team of colleagues focused on green initiatives within the company called The Green Team?

Walnut’s Green Team have come together to help the company reduce our collective negative impact on the environment and help contribute to environmental sustainability.

In addition to tracking the company’s carbon emissions for the NetZero pledge, the Green Team have been busy surveying colleagues on Walnut’s current green credentials and finding out which initiatives we should focus on this year. Recycling is top of the agenda, and the team are helping colleagues across the company with monthly tips. Look out for our carbon emission publication for 2019 (Pre-COVID), which we hope to release soon. Standby for more news from the Green Tea

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