A fully integrated agency group with human understanding at the heart.

Our four, award-winning divisions; marketing, communications, insight & analytics, and digital, drive our creativity and define our solutions. Our mission is to create genuine business advantage for clients and we do this by uncovering behaviour-led insights from the Human Understanding Lab that are critical to powering performance.

At UNLIMITED we know that in order to deliver business advantage for clients, we must truly understand human decision making and behaviour. We do this through our deep understanding of human emotion, motivation, and action, and the wider contextual meaning that impacts internal processing.

The Lab informs, validates and fine-tunes effective solutions for our clients and consists of a tight-knit community of expert neuroscientists, research practitioners, trends analysts, data scientists and behavioural scientists. By blending data with modern research methods, we evaluate how humans interpret, perceive and feel the world around them, to deliver actionable and measurable insights rooted in human behaviour.

Some of the services available through our Human Understanding Lab include ways of identifying completely untapped market opportunities, techniques to uncover human motivations, end-to-end journey diagnostics and a comprehensive suite of communication effectiveness tools.

Health Unlimited encourage the world to “Speak Your Migraine.”

Giving a voice to those with the third most debilitating disease in the world – Health Unlimited drive traffic to social channels.

Prophecy Unlimited send sales of Costa Iced drinks soaring.

Despite cooler summer temperatures, Prophecy’s email marketing campaign drove a significant uplift in sales of Costa Ice drinks – exceeding targets when the heat was on.

Fever PR step into spring with ASK Italian.

Inspired by the fresh ingredients from the menu, Fever partnered with top florists Rebel Rebel to create an edible bouquet using ingredients from ASK spring dishes to activate their new menu.

Splendid Unlimited talk Open Banking with the Financial Times

One year on, is open banking still the banking revolution it was expected to be?

The Unlimited Group help Westminster Council's Armistice Commemoration

The Unlimited Group helped Westminster Council commemorate 100 years since the end of WW1 using the famous billboards at Piccadilly Circus.

TMW Launch VOXI: Vodafone’s new youth-oriented network.

Appealing to under 25s was proving a struggle for Vodafone. With help from TMW Unlimited, it launched VOXI, a new mobile network specifically designed for the youth market.

Prophecy launch Aptaclub: The Gift of Future Health

Prophecy’s 90-second film transformed the often dry, intangible science of early life into richly emotional inspiration for new mums.

TMW Launch Simple: Mix Up Your Make-Up with Little Mix

The members of Little Mix star in the new advertising campaign for Unilever’s skincare brand Simple, created by TMW Unlimited.

Splendid Unlimited Bring Royal Holloway University to Life

Splendid launch a consistent, personalised and immersive digital experience across the university’s online content.

Fever PR Bring The Walking Dead Riddim

Bugzy’s Walking Dead Riddim for NOW TV helps Fever PR secure a highly coveted PRCA Dare Award for Best Consumer Relations.

Fever PR make Jurassic Jeff with NOW TW

Celebrating the original film’s 25th anniversary, the marketing stunt from Now TV and Fever PR is an instant classic.

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