Understanding the Nation.

Emotion-led insights.

Understanding the Nation reports.

We’ve been tracking the view of the nation since early 2018 on key issues which impact on how we feel about our daily lives. Our coverage of the feelings and emotions driven by the pandemic through 2020 has been used by brands and government organisations to understand how key behavioural changes are affecting their sector. 2021 looks set to be a year of more changes, and more importantly, exploring how people behave as we return to ‘normal.’

Introducing: OmniQual packages.

Want to capture the experiences of the nation in their own words? When you need to move beyond just the numbers, use OmniQual to capture the true emotions and subtleties of individual experiences.

Walnut’s quick-turnaround OmniQual solution captures real-life snippets of the nation, your audience and your consumers, to create compelling video outputs that can be shared within your business to help drive decision-making.

Join other orgnaisations in receiving exclusive, customised analysis of what the nation thinks through 2021, delivered monthly. Get in touch to find out how Walnut’s fast-turnaround quantitative reports and qualitative packages can be used to take your insights further through times of uncertainty.

You will get robust trended data on how the nation is feeling about their own lives :
Life in general
Household’s current financial situation
Attitudes towards your home
Your current physical health
Your current mental health
Your work prospects
Your current personal relationship
Your family life
Your contribution to society
And also how the nation is feeling about the country in general
General economic well-being of the UK
General mood of the UK
Certainty of the UK’s future
Country’s approach to mental health
Safety & security of the country
Country’s approach to immigration
General health & well-being of the country
Subscription Cost: £800
  • Full access to all trended data from 2018 to the present day
  • The ability to add on customised questions to reflect key issues in your sector (additional fee)
  • Fast turnaround research report to support the business decisions you need to make
Got a question?

Our fieldwork runs monthly, so if you’re looking to pulse the nation with a burning question then get in touch.