Our work.

Firstly, by asking race fans in the US to download the RealityMine passive metering app on to their various digital devices during two full race weekends, we were able to map exactly what F1-related content was being consumed at what times, from which channels/brands and on what platforms. It was analysis of this complex but highly valuable data that enabled us to work together to establish the key moments during a race weekend for certain types of content and which brands were currently fulfilling these needs best – identifying new opportunities for F1.

At the same time it was in-home ethnography using eye-tracking glasses with a small number of fans in Germany that allowed us to bring to life exactly how secondary screens and information sources are used during a grand prix to support and enhance the experience for the fan, supporting content development strategy for the following season.

David Bailey, Senior Research & Analytics Manager - Formula 1
The ability of this research to take us inside the true digital behaviour of our fans during their natural race weekend was eye-opening. Working with the team at Walnut we were able to uncover nuggets of insight that, when we dug a little deeper, turned out to be rich seams of understanding that can really impact the way we engage with our audience over these channels.”