Our work.

Slimming World put their members’ feedback, combined with a deep understanding of the psychology behind weight loss, at the heart of their decision making. Reaction Time Testing was a hugely effective means of discovering that emotionally connecting with their members via an online platform is a challenge. This helped them to identify any connection weak points, to ensure that members remain happy on both a conscious and sub-conscious level. Tapping into the sub-conscious through traditional research methods would be much more difficult to achieve, and far more costly a process.

This approach has allowed Slimming World to learn more about their customers mindset and tailor their services accordingly.

Robyn Glen, Head of Digital - Slimming World
It's important for us at Slimming World that we go far deeper than analytics when thinking about enhancing our service. Walnut Unlimited were able to provide us with what we needed to know about our members' conscious and sub-conscious thinking (and feelings) towards our new online products. We are now using this feedback to further improve our digital weight loss service. By using agile research techniques and regular collaboration sessions, we were able to act upon this data to ensure we were delivering the best online products possible.