Our work.

Behavioural science allowed us to go beyond the audience’s rational responses and challenge any ‘over rationalisation’. We identified deep-set biases at play which were limiting the participants’ ability to engage with debt management. By exploring these barriers to engagement, and addressing them, we were able to produce differentiated communication, which we tested and validated with customers – showing an increase in engagement across target audiences. We provided further actionable recommendations grounded in science and consumer insight, which helped guide Lowell’s business strategy moving forward.

Our findings have penetrated throughout Lowell’s whole business and inspired strategy changes – improving hundreds of communications and adapting their website. All of this in turn, contributed to an increase in digital collections and an overall performance currently 29% ahead of the 2019 performance and to a sustained growth and improvement in engagement rates – an increase in digital collections of 17% in June compared to March despite Lowell forecasting a reduction for the month, which in turn demonstrates that trust in the brand is higher.

Neil Costello, UK Marketing Director - Lowell Financial Ltd
Walnut’s approach, particularly in applying genuinely usable behavioural science techniques, has unearthed a whole new way to reposition our business to customers. Our customers are engaging much more as a result and our colleagues are even more proud of the brand they work for. A fantastic partner!