Our work.

In a fiercely competitive grocery sector, we built Lidl a bespoke brand tracker that went beyond traditional measures. By incorporating an implicit lens through Reaction Time testing, we maximise the human understanding through our approach. The business uses implicit KPIs as a measure of success, embedding emotional engagement and going beyond explicit dimensions alone.

Alongside a rich understanding of where the brand sits versus rivals, the tracker integrates comms evaluation to keep our finger on the pulse of campaign activity for the brand, and its impact. A flexible module also gives us the agility to respond to topical business challenges that can inform brand strategy. All packaged up in engaging, comprehensive outputs.

Ian Sippit, Strategy & Brand Development - Lidl
The use of reaction times in the tracker has meant that it has become much more useable than a standard tracker. I rely on Walnut to be proactive and to react quickly when required, they produce reliable, accurate reports to a tight schedule and they free up my time to focus on supporting the strategic marketing team to use the results.