Measuring emotion in comms.

Creative evaluation isn’t easy. Unless you use the right tools…

As humans, we lack accurate insight into our own thought processes, biases and decisions. While pre and post-tests focus on recall, at Walnut we analyse comms by combining neuroscience with traditional research techniques to discover deeper insights.

Neuroscience gets you to a deeper level that people can’t articulate. This gives you a greater predictive value and insight into communications effectiveness.

Thanks to the power of neuroscience and cognitive psychology, we have many ways to measure emotions. Putting emotional measurement at the heart of creative development is key to success. Introducing our toolkit for your comms journey:
Agile ad testing. An agile tool that gives an overview of your comms’ performance using implicit reaction time tools: all delivered within a week! A simple pricing structure and standardised output ensure speed and value for money. RT ensures you’re really understanding how your ad performs.
NeuroQual ad testing. Instinctive. Unbiased. Unfiltered. Gain the deepest level of emotional understanding possible. Neuroscience pinpoints unconscious emotional reactions to your ad through direct brain measurement. Qualitative interviews then explore why these emotions occur for the deepest and richest understanding.
Facial coding ad testing. Measuring facial expressions gives you moment-by-moment emotional understanding of your ad’s performance combined with implicit Reaction Time testing to understand the true impact of your ad.
Brand impact ad testing. Use neuroscience to understand both the true impact of your execution to deliver on specific associations and its potential to shift or reinforce perceptions towards your brand.
Implicit RT testing measures
Whether it’s TV, print, digital, outdoor or something else, adNOW uses implicit Reaction Time (RT) testing to go far beyond what people can say – to understand their level of conviction behind these asseverations. People are not good at articulating this, but understanding the strength of these associations is vital in facilitating our decisions and driving behaviours.
Generate a connection
From ‘trust’ to ‘premium’ to ‘innovative’ and everything in between. Does your ad stand out and motivate people to act, buy, visit, watch, consider, read… Comms have a lot of work to do! But how can we be sure that these key associations and calls to action are truly connecting with people?
Facial Coding uncovers feeling
Few would argue that advertising is not simply to deliver information, but to affect how we feel, to stimulate emotions. Even if we are not aware of it, our facial expressions tell us how we feel, but not what we think.
Understand your comms’ ability to impact your brand
An effective ad is not only able to forge and strengthen specific attitudes and messages, but also to reinforce and shift brand perceptions. Connecting people with the execution and strengthening the brand values and meaning.
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