Introducing adMIRE©: for enhanced comms and ad testing.

Posted by Michal Matukin on the 10th November, 2020
Combining implicit techniques, facial coding and explicit measures together, adMIRE© is a comms testing tool that helps to create more effective communication, reach consumers on emotional level, understand what people feel when watching your comms and optimise the key messages.

Brands look to create an implicit bond through communications.

We all know that advertising is not simply the delivery of information. It is about the connection a brand or a product builds with its consumers. We also know that this bond mostly lies beyond our conscious processes. It means our rational self has no access to it, but at the same time this emotional bond plays a crucial role in driving our behaviour. This is why we must go beyond declarations and better understand the implicit world of communication.

Walt Disney said once: “When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.” This is very true because if we truly believe in something, the strength of this attitude comes from our metaphorical ‘heart’ – our emotions and implicit associations. Moreover, if we truly believe in something, we will act upon our beliefs. Therefore, it is so important to include implicit aspects into the equation whenever we are trying to better understand motivations or predict human behaviour.

An effective communication can help to skilfully craft the implicit bond between brands and consumers. However, to understand which creative solution can deliver the promise not only on rational but also on emotional levels is not an easy task. Moreover, what if the ad is not strong enough or should be fine-tuned or improved? How can it be optimised? Where to begin?

Creative evaluation isn’t easy. Unless you have the right tools.

This is why, adMIRE© was born. adMIRE© is a comprehensive solution to test comms. It is simple to use, yet it combines latest neuroscience with proven explicit research techniques to achieve a far deeper level of insight. Moreover, it packs everything into a quick and cost-effective online tool that is available at hand.

We created a tool that enables us to test communications on different levels and tells us about attention, emotions, motivation, meaning, and action drive triggered by the tested communication. Moreover, this tool helps us to optimise ads – indicating which scenes perform well and which could be improved.

To achieve that, we put the tracking of Facial Expressions at the core of adMIRE©, to measure emotions moment-by-moment when the ad is being watched. This continuous measurement of emotions allows us to pinpoint specific moments that are underpinning ad performance and identifying if key moments such as messaging, and branding will land well and get noticed.

We enriched it with Reaction Time testing to go far beyond what people can say – to understand their level of conviction behind these asseverations as we know people are not good at verbalising their attitudes. Understanding the strength of implicit associations is vital in facilitating decisions and driving behaviours and adMIRE© excels in this area.

Finally, we know that even if emotional reactions and implicit attitudes are crucial, the benefits of explicit methods cannot be ignored. adMIRE© uses explicit techniques to explore the effect an ad has on conscious level in terms of content, it’s distinctiveness or brand recall. Moreover, they allow us to better understand how the take-away message worked.

Combining these three aspects together, adMIRE© is a tool that ticks all the boxes and helps to create more effective communication, reach consumers on emotional level, understand what people feel when watching your comms and optimise the key message. If you’d like to discuss how adMIRE© can help you develop your communication and make it more effective, contact us today.

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