UX (User Experience) Testing.

At Walnut, we believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to understanding user experience. Therefore we create bespoke approaches based on your needs, combining elements of behavioural science, qualitative and quantitative techniques and consultancy from expert partners.

How we do it.
In depth understanding
In-depth understanding.
Full contextual understanding of your users and their needs. Explore the needs of users at key touch points, and identify influences and frustrations across their journey to inform the optimum UX design and content.
Settle internal sticking points.
Digital mapping journey.
Mapping out the digital journey for your users by combining behavioural data with research techniques. Mapping how different user profiles, missions & mindsets, drivers and barriers influence usage of different digital touch points.
Design and usability.
Design and usability.
Understanding of how your interface meets needs. Ability to asses current design and future designs, identifying areas of strengths and for optimisation.
Expert review: BeSci/Implementation consultancy
Expert review: BeSci/Implementation consultancy.
Combining power of behavioural science along with our digital experts at Splendid Unlimited to optimise digital activations and create golden rules for UX engagement
Understanding the nation.
We’ve been tracking the view of the nation since early 2018 on key issues which impact on how we feel about our daily lives. Since the Covid-19 pandemic our study has been used to understand and explore how our feelings towards the situation can impact on our behaviour.
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