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MRS &more Lunchtime Bite Session

MRS &more Lunchtime Bite Session

Hesitation matters: unmasking uncertainty towards the vaccine using neuro and behavioural science.

Exclusive for &more members, the first web event in a series of bitesize, lunchtime sessions for knowledge and networking.

Nick Saxby (SRE, Walnut Unlimited), will be taking us through research into people’s opinions on the vaccine, including:

– A multinational online survey enhanced with implicit measurements to evaluate which common opinions regarding Covid-19 truly resonates among people on an emotional level.

– Applying reaction time testing (RT) has shown that people are ready for the vaccine only on a declarative level. The implicit measurement showed near-global uncertainty, which explains the controversy we initially saw around uptake of the vaccine.

– We will discuss the implicit attitudes towards the vaccine and beyond, from a behavioural science perspective. We will also look forward, examining how the behavioural shifts we saw can influence the way our governments act in the future.

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