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MRS AI | Data | Analytics Virtual Summit

MRS AI | Data | Analytics Virtual Summit

Covid-19 and the gift of harmonious insights: how the pandemic forced a singular view of data and market research functions

The insight industry has always recognised the benefits of bringing together the disciplines of market research and data analytics. Some brands have nailed it, and others have struggled to achieve that coveted synergy. In an unprecedented shift, it was a global pandemic that forced many brands to unify their functions to survive.

Join panelists as they discuss how data and insight functions have adapted to lead businesses through the height of the pandemic and what the role of agencies has been in supporting brands with new solutions.

Chair: Jane Rudling, MRS Fellow and Managing Director, Walnut Unlimited


Christina Finlay, Director, Data and Analytics, Nest Corporation

Jen McCormick, Head of Customer Analytics and Insight, Warner Leisure

Dr. Stephen Welch, Managing Director, Realise Unlimited

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