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Impact 2021: Transformation and Recovery

Impact 2021: Transformation and Recovery

Refocusing on humans: Building and rebuilding brand trust in a pandemic.
Chair: Dr. Cristina de Balanzo, Director at Walnut Unlimited
Panelist: Steve Clayton, Chief Storyteller at Microsoft
Panelist: Christina Finlay, Director, Data & Insight at Nest Corporation
Panelist: Dr. Christian Niederauer, Director Strategic Insight & Consumer Connections at Colgate-Palmolive

In a world upturned by coronavirus and widespread uncertainty, the public seek guidance from authorities: governments, health services… but also brands, who share the responsibility of supporting and reassuring customers. As we emerge from the pandemic, how can we place humans at the centre of brand strategies? What is the future of brand trust and can it be reforged as strongly?

Join our panel discussion at the MRS Annual Conference in March where leaders from the world of insight, data and marketing will talk about placing humans at the heart of brand strategy and rebuilding trust as we emerge from the pandemic.

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