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Is your pack working hard for you?

To quote Paul Rand, “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”. Packaging is a constant communicator for your brand, informing people about what you are and how you’re different. So it’s vital to make sure your packaging is effective, standing out, communicating your proposition, driving trial, and delivering a great brand experience through ease of use. But with purchase behaviour determined by our emotions, it’s important to measure unconscious reactions as well as rational responses.

With over 25 years of packaging research experience, and a range of tools and techniques to draw upon, we are leaders in working with brands globally to help them develop sales boosting packaging.
Our most used tool, helping brands identify a winning design prior to launch. Available online or face-to-face, an agile pack test to a more detailed shelf validation, for NPD or an existing brand refresh, a simple 2D label design to measuring ease of using a new pack structure. Used in 40+ markets around the world and with normative data to contextualise and benchmark your success.
This is no beauty parade but creative qual workshops to explore and optimise your different design concepts. From learning how the design caught their eye, to the impressions it creates about the brand, we turn learnings from your concepts into actionable recommendations for your design agency.
Brand Assets
We blend semiotics to identify your greatest assets, implicit testing to measure their emotional impact, and qual to explore what each asset means for the brand.
A suite of tools to understand whether your pack is beginning to tire. It aims to give you not only the reason to change, but also guidance on what needs to change, and so shapes your design brief, fuelling creativity.
An environment where shoppers, consumers, designers and clients come together to inspire each other and develop great packaging. Using behavioural thinking we make the research as real to life and engaging as possible.
See what they see, not relying on them saying what they saw. We use eyetracking early on in-store to see how people really shop a fixture and in later stages to see if your new design continues to ‘pop’ on-shelf and how they navigate the design when the pack is held in their hand.
Emotional Conviction
We use implicit testing to reveal the emotional conviction behind their attitudes. Does your pack convey key brand equities with credibility or are they just replaying what they read on pack?
We can’t say it much better than this… “Walnut’s experience helped our passionate team of senior stakeholders buy into both the need for consumer insight, and the ultimate findings. We are delighted that with their clear guidance our new packaging has contributed to a positive impact on sales.”
Chris Peach, Head of Packaging & Design
We never forget that people buy brands, not packs
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