COVID-19 Research Solutions.

Navigating a new world with Human Understanding.

COVID-19 represents an extraordinary challenge to global governments, health services, corporations and individuals alike. As the outbreak continues, governments around the world are tasked with placing different restrictions on activities causing consumer behaviours to fundamentally changing as a result.

Understanding the changing attitudes and behaviours have never been more important – with behaviour change enforced on consumers this can create opportunities for brands which are able to adapt and meet the changing needs. We know that behavioural change isn’t always easy – humans can be creatures of habit making long term changes in behaviour harder to embed. This leads to questions – what behaviours do we expect to revert back as lockdown restrictions are eased? And how can brands best position themselves to adapt to the changing attitudes and behaviours? We’ve looked at how applying behavioural science can answer some of these question

Insight can aid in understanding attitudes and behaviour change, optimising Covid-19 comms and strategy and optimising overall product portfolio and pricing. At a time where the stakes for businesses have never been higher, human understanding can be the key to success. We’ve got the tools achieve these insights.

Understanding the Nation Tracker
'Understanding the Nation' Tracker
A monthly, nationally representative survey of 2000 GB adults covering consumer wellbeing, attitudes and change in Covid-19 behaviours. These monthly findings are benchmarked against historical data from the last 2 years to show peaks and troughs against historical moments like Brexit. This data is available as a standalone report or supplementary questions to receive a tailored report.
Qualitative Discovery: Self-Ethnography and Depths
Online communities or depths are a route to conducting qualitative research without any face-to-face, physical interaction. Qualitative research in the form of self-ethnography, getting respondents to capture and share their individual experiences themselves, can explore changing dynamics in the home and reactions to new Covid-19 news, announcements and laws. These techniques can be further brought to life with video footage.
Data Science: Mapping Behavioural Change
Also referred to as a connectivity index, data analytics of existing client databases or behavioural data sources can identify key groups and changing behaviours that have potential to impact clients in the short and long term. This analysis can be supplemented by overlaid qual and quant studies to understand the ‘why’ behind the identified changes.
Neuro Creative Optimisation
A solely online quantitative measurement, this communications testing provides reassurance that crucial comms, surrounding coronavirus or otherwise, strike the right tone and convey the right message. AdNOW uses implicit measurement to understand an advert’s creative impact. AdMIRE includes facial coding to understand the emotional engagement with a campaign. We always offer additional comms consultancy to steer any creative in the right direction.
Behavioural Science Consultancy: framing the right messaging.
Our behavioural science workshops cover key principles, as dictated by our own behavioural science model: Shortcuts. Drawing on examples of good (and bad) executions, this consultancy aids in ensuring your message is framed correctly and will mobilise people the way you really want. These workshops can be linked to further quant and qual studies to test optimum message positioning.
Mapping Target Audience Planner
Further unlocking the power of data analytics, our experts can resegment existing client databases based on newfound behaviours. Mapping the changing behaviour against clients behavioural segments identifies new target groups and potential at risk customers: helping businesses reach new business and mitigate loss through coronavirus.
Price and Portfolio Optimisation
A bespoke, online conjoint analysis framed to account for different purchase scenarios – in other words, contextualised. This conjoint considers the detailed profiling of consumers to contextualise findings with key mindsets, purchase situations and habits. This technique allows for modelling to optimise product ranges now and as the market changes post-lockdown.
Enhanced Behavioural Science Understanding
Specialty workshops with our behavioural science experts, introducing relevant principles for this pandemic and identifying major risk factors. We can use quant to validate the influence of different elements of behavioural science and harness findings to inform future strategies for customer engagement.
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