Covid-19: client-side insight professionals share their top coronavirus survival tips.

Posted by Becky Miles on the 25th June, 2020
Close the present-to-future gap, by setting the long term expectation that the future will be even better than before. Spread the hope you want your customers to feel within your own company.

Given the turbulent few months we’ve all been through, we reached out to over 30 professionals from financial services to retail, from insight to marketing, to discuss how the pandemic had impacted them – at a personal level but also on a business level.

Here at Walnut, we love to get to the heart of consumer decision making. Human understanding is more than just our business, it’s our passion. You might find their experiences resemble yours, but do their answers and reactions, as well?

We’d like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who contributed to this work. We had open and honest conversations with over 30 professionals from retail, financial services, automotive, tech, media, FMCG and charitable organisations. If you’d like to read their opinions, collected and interpreted by our experts with a particular focus on behavioural science, download the full report below:

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