Covid-19: behavioural change post-lockdown, the new normal.

Posted by Becky Miles on the 20th May, 2020
The extent that new skills and confidence around a brand or service is established now, along with usage patterns and brand expectations, will be key to shaping future engagement. This will inform the strength of the brand relationship post lockdown as market and social factors diminish over time.

Walnut have used the lens of Behavioural Science to predict the aftermath of lockdown and inform future strategy planning –both for sectors that want to instigate and drive a ‘new normal’, and those that want to firmly re-establish pre-Covid behaviour.

As rumours about lockdown restrictions being lifted globally abound, a glimmer of hope emerges on the horizon – signs that there is a future beyond the current situation. Adaptation, pivot, change, flex… all words we’ve been hearing a lot in recent weeks, as normal life has been put on hold. In the short-term, we’ve all adjusted the way we shop, socialise, work, eat – riding on the government’s promise that these are just temporary measures. We’re all left thinking ‘things will never be the same’, but experience tells us differently. So where does this leave us as consumers – is 2020 just an anomaly and our usual behaviour will soon resume – or is society permanently, irreversibly changed?

Here at Walnut, we have a team of Behavioural Science experts ready to help you to unlock the optimal way for your brand to navigate COVID-19 and beyond. The findings in this report can be applied to your sector or category, simply get in touch to talk through how a behavioural science lens can inform your post-lockdown strategy.

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