A Christmas Advent-ure! Understanding advent calendars with neuro and sensory analysis.

Posted by Debbie Parker on the 30th November, 2021

New findings from the Walnut Omnibus suggest that 67% of British adults are planning to buy an advent calendar this year. But with so many chocolate calendars available, how can we truly know which is the best tasting option on the market? We’ve done the hard work for you! By combining neuro and sensory science to understand the nation’s preference and building unique flavour profiles for the top contenders on the market.

As humans, we make split second judgments on what we like and what we don’t! When testing products, we need to understand both implicit and explicit reactions to truly understand if consumers like and, ultimately, would buy it. This is especially true when it comes to food and beverage. That’s why we’ve applied TrueLiking, our neuroscience product testing technique, to get to the bottom of the nation’s true advent chocolate preferences. In this case, which is the best tasting advent calendar on the market.

We also know that people are not so great at telling us why they like or dislike something. Therefore, our sensory expert has profiled the top choices – creating a unique flavour and taste profile for each one, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting from a sensory perspective. Everything from aroma to mouthfeel to aftertaste and beyond.

Read our full report below, so you can make a decision backed by science as you purchase your advent calendar!

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