A tech marketing dilemma: 5G & the tricky balance between hype and reality.

Posted by Richard Snoxell on the 22nd April, 2020
Inconsistency may well be a byword for the 5G experience, but early adopters will have the mindset to cope.

5G hitting the mainstream.
5G has truly hit the mainstream consciousness in recent weeks, but not in the way anyone sane could have imagined! The emergence of coronavirus conspiracy theories shows that it doesn’t take much for the lack of understanding to spiral into something else – making it even more important to frame the benefits of 5G right. If 2020 is the year that 5G coverage truly arrives then so too does the pressure to start recouping the billions of pounds in investments made. Branding experts, marketeers and retailers are currently refining communications but have a dilemma to tackle: where to position on the 5G hype vs reality spectrum? As experts in the telco sector we have pulled together some thoughts on how applying some of the principles of neuroscience and behavioural science can help address this question and create more impactful comms.

The marketing dilemma.
Going for the hype will raise interest but also expectations, possibly leading to early disappointment where the brand is blamed if it doesn’t deliver; on the other hand, positioning 5G as merely a significant improvement on what customers have now may not generate excitement and bring in the numbers needed to start paying back the investment made. This is the dilemma.

How we can help.
At Walnut, we’ve investigated the complete lay of the land when it comes to 5G: everything from who are the current front-runners in the race to how location could influence adoption. When it comes to selling 5G to your customers, we believe the key challenge is positioning: hype or reality? Whatever route you take, we have a range of techniques that can help optimise your 5G plans – from understanding the drivers (and barriers) to take-up, to optimising your claims and comms or identifying ‘white space’ to evolve brand positioning in crowded markets. We do this by using blending traditional approaches with cutting edge techniques using neuroscience and behavioural science to get to the heart (or brain) of what customers really think. That’s what makes us the human understanding agency.

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